Learn Deep Learning and the frontier of AI technologies


The emergence of Deep Learning technology has dramatically improved AI technology and had a big impact on the diverse industry and social institution. In the near future, every industry and its types should be influenced by AI technologies. Deep Learning JP is offering a series of an educational programme for the future that AI technologies would have played an important role in society.


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Deep Learning Basics
Frontier Artificial Intelligence I From April 2018 DLJP is another lecture
Frontier Artificial Intelligence II From April 2018 DLJP is another lecture
Applied Deep Learning
Deep Learning Developer Course
Deep Learning Day 1/21 1/20

Deep Learning Basics

The programme starts from MLP and basics of neural networks, core technologies and new topics of Deep Learning、from basic to advance. Based on the idea “Practice makes perfect”, we aim to let you acquire the technique through the exercise. In the exercise, you can concentrate on the point of the lecture by using our specific development platform “ilect.net”: enables you to code in Python with GPU on a browser(The detail of iLect is here), save time and effort for preparing huge amounts of knowledge and setting up development environments for Deep Learning.

Advanced Deep Learning Course

After you finishing Deep Learning Basics, you will obtain technical skills with handling actual data and real problems through this practical project-style lecture using big data analysis and reinforcement learning with GPU server as subjects.

Deep Learning Developer Course

For engineers, this course deals with practical application development with Deep Learning technologies, provides practical contents: learning technique, data analysis using GPU server etc…

  • Deep Learning Basics
  • Network construction
  • Backpropagation and computational graph
  • CNN
  • Reuse of pre-trained network
  • The technique of learning
  • RNN and a neural language mode

More Information Coming Soon

More Information Coming Soon