The typical workflow for a class is like follows:

1. Access the website

2. Log in with a valid identity [1].
ilect screenshot 02

[1] Currently only GitHub is supported

3. The main screen shows after a successful login. In the left area of the toolbar there are buttons to control the environment and the timer, as well as the clocks and links to the FAQ and fullscreen expansion. On the right the user ID, the course selector, the homework menu and a link to log out.
ilect screenshot 03

4. Click the green ‘Start’ button to launch the environment for the currently selected course (‘DeepLearning’, in this case).
ilect screenshot 04

5. The environment is displayed after a short while. In this case we see an empty one, but depending on the contents of the course one or more notebooks will be present.
ilect screenshot 05

6. Use the course selector to switch between courses.

ilect toggle

7. When the session is over click the red “Stop” button to shutdown the environment.

ilect screenshot 06

8. After a while a message will be shown.

ilect screenshot 07

9. While the environment is running clicking the blue “Extend” button will reset the session timer.

ilect screenshot 08

Common errors


If you have a valid GitHub account but are not registered in the system, the following screen will appear:ilect error 01
Please contact the iLect support staff to register your username.



Currently, we officially support Google Chrome only. Firefox also should work but no guarantee. We already found out Internet explorer does not work.